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Build outside the box

Building a challenger brand

Modern off-site manufactured building systems deliver radically reduced slab to lock-up times. As the leading Australian providers, Monarch were facing several challenges. The traditionally minded residential building industry saw the product as un-trustworthy rather than efficient, and limited to modular applications. Loa was challenged with re-positioning the brand to better communicate the benefits of Monarch’s unique offering.

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Build Outside the Box

Working with the CEO and Senior Management, Loa repositioned Monarch as a challenger brand to attract early adopters.

The brand positioning, “Build Outside the Box” is aimed at a new generation of builders who are seeking predictability, efficiency, increased profitability and share a belief that the building industry needs to embrace technology moving forward. The provocative statement also challenges the prejudice that off-site manufactured buildings must be modular “boxes”.

The existing brand identity which featured a blue butterfly and flowing lines was completely overhauled, replaced with a confident, modern identity that communicates the reliability, precision and quality of Monarch’s products and services. The new identity was paired with an equally strong brand architecture to consolidate Monarch’s intellectual property and service offerings.

As part of the branding process Loa helped demystify Monarch’s processes and proprietary technology, to create messaging that clearly communicated the benefits and possibilities. These messages were showcased through a comprehensive educational website, supported by a variety of printed collateral.

Firm foundation

Launched internally the new brand was swiftly and universally embraced by staff, becoming a rallying point for a strong internal culture that has unified and reinvigorated the Monarch team at every level of the organisation. Rolled out across a variety of media, the brand has been extensively realised, with the signature orange incorporated into key components of the Monarch system.

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Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Trademark Development, Brand Identity, Brand Management

Loa took a complex collection of issues, ideas and concepts, and distilled them down to their essence, developing clear, deliverable and compelling messages. Beyond that, Loa’s commitment to quality and timely deliverables was second to none – they are true professionals and a stand-out in their field.

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