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Having worked at the coalface within correctional facilities and corporate counselling, the founders of Amima saw an opportunity to make a difference to the counselling landscape in Australia. Loa was commissioned to develop the name, brand and positioning for a new concept in counselling and psychiatry.

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Cultivating Understanding

Undertaking an extensive workshop and research processes, Loa worked with the principals to discover and articulate their passionate belief that mental and emotional health should be treated with the same openness as physical fitness. The branding process clarified the need to demystify mental and emotional illness and to reject shame and embarrassment, while promoting understanding and awareness for clients and the larger community. The new name ‘Amima’ – a portmanteau of Anima, for soul, and Amity, for understanding and compassion – is paired with a positioning of ‘Unfolding Minds’ which speaks to the company’s services as well as its commitment to cultivating understanding. A modern, energetic and proactive brand identity using bright colours, bold shapes and smiling faces provides a stark contrast to the passive imagery normally found in the market.

Getting Better

Since its launch, Amima has made a big impact on its industry, becoming a leader in the cultivation of a positive, proactive attitude to mental and emotional ‘fi˜tness’. With over 90% of Amima’s clients being new to counselling, the brand’s successfulness in removing the stigma attached to counselling is undeniable. Amima has recently re-engaged Loa to develop a complementary consumer brand which leverages the “Unfolding Minds” positioning, and focusses on education.

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Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Naming, Trademark Development, Brand Identity

Award winning brand
The calibre of Loa’s work in defining and creating the Amima brand was recognised in the 2014 Best Brand Awards, where it was named as a finalist for the Oceania region.

Loa showed us how to identify and examine our competitive positioning in the market, along with establishing our business values and brand personality. We are thrilled with the end result. The name and brand identity capture these values and personality, and the feedback from customers has been extremely positive.

Narelle Hanna Founding Director
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