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Restructuring a brand

Australian Company Infrastructure Services (or A.C.I.S.) are one of Australia’s largest providers of business structures and restructures, and the recognised market leader in Queensland. Loa was engaged to revitalise the company’s brand as part of a growth strategy which included an expanded presence in Southern markets.

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Finding a voice

The research phase uncovered a series of concerns. The existing brand identity was outdated, and inconsistently applied. This had led to a diluted message in the market, and had even led to confusion around the company’s name. Another major concern was the encroachment of low cost, automated services.

Loa recommended refining the name to Acis. This served two purposes – it retained the existing brand equity, made the name more memorable the memorability of the name, and provided a standardised pronunciation.

Given the limited visual opportunities of the Acis product, the brand revitalisation focussed on a distinctive and provocative brand voice. This voice was used to start a conversation with the audience, highlighting Acis’ advantage over automated systems – the expertise of their staff.

The brand identity featured a striking blue to communicate clarity, which was used extensively across touch points. Key to these was the Acis “box” which almost every customer receives. This critical touch point was completely reimagined to recognise and celebrate the excitement of starting a new endeavour.


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Services: Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning, Naming, Trademark Development, Brand Identity

Loa helped us focus our brand vision and footprint. The process helped our entire team, from operational staff to the CEO, understand why having a close connection to your brand is so important.

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