Our Process

Our Process

Connecting Brand™

Whether repositioning or refreshing a brand, reinvigorating an internal culture or starting a new brand from scratch, we help our clients by connecting creative and strategic thinking to create engaging, charismatic brands that define categories, shape perceptions and deliver lasting value.


In business, research is used to gather and interpret data. Loa’s branding process combines this with creativity, courage and intuition to uncover need states, and create disruptive innovation. The ultimate result of the Research phase is the Brand Footprint.

Brand Footprint

The Brand Footprint is a coherent statement of a Brand’s beliefs and characteristics, and describe the area the brand can own that is true and authentic, and aligns with the audience. This footprint forms the framework for testing business decisions. The Footprint is distilled into the Brand Essence.

Brand Essence

The Brand Essence is the scaffolding that supports strategy, behaviour, actions, and communications. It’s lived by the organisation and recognised by the audience as the reason to chose the brand.

It defines the competitive advantage and is used to maintain focus while developing products and services, identifying markets and recruiting employees.

The Brand Footprint and Essence are sysnthesised into Brand Vectors that allow the brand to be experienced in the world.

Brand Vectors

These are the Brand’s senses. All are important, but different vectors will be more or less important depending on the marketplace.

Identity: Typography, colour, imagery and product design come together to create a look and feel that connects with the customer and cuts through visual clutter.

Behaviour: How the organisation expresses itself internally, and externally is hugely important – almost every purchasing decision is driven or influenced by the behaviour of the brand.

Experience: Considering the Brand at every touchpoint and buying experience provides vital opportunities to create an emotional connection with the Brand.

Voice: Product descriptions, calls to action, positioning statements – every word is a chance to strengthen a brand. Connecting content and design works at differentiate brands.

Brand Management

These are the Brand’s senses. All are important, but different vectors will be more or less important depending on the marketplace.

“(Loa’s process) took a complex collection of issues, ideas and concepts, and distilled them down to their essence, developing clear, deliverable and compelling messages.”

“(It) showed us how to identify and examine our competitive positioning in the market, along with establishing our business values and brand personality. We are thrilled with the end result. The name and brand identity capture these values and personality”

“Loa showed us how to focus our brand vision and define our differentiation. The process helped our entire team, from operational staff to the CEO, understand why having a close connection to your brand is so important.”