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Loa are an international award winning Branding and Design Agency. For over 20 years we’ve worked to connect strategic and creative thinking, developing engaging, charismatic brands that define categories, shape perceptions and deliver lasting value.

Loas are entities that appear in a number of belief systems, acting as conduits for practitioners who employ them to send specialist, specific messages, and connect them to a larger audience. In the same way our brand expertise allows our clients to connect brand to strategy, identity, culture, experience, voice and audiences.

Our brand expertise covers every step of the journey from brand strategy and architecture, naming and positioning development, to full brand identity deployment and ongoing management across physical and digital mediums.

Why should you invest in your Brand? Because strong brands stand out, build loyalty, create emotional bonds and command a premium.

Connecting to your brand starts with three simple questions: Who are you, what do you do, and why does it matter? Do your answers give customers a compelling reason to connect with you? Do they describe a unique offering that delivers value and builds loyalty? Are they communicating a vision that’s believed internally and externally? Can you deliver on them consistently? Do they make you irreplaceable?

Loa can connect you with your brand to start out-positioning, outmanoeuvring and out-designing your competitors through thoughtful brand creation, curation and communication.


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Brand Strategy
Brand Positioning
Brand Architecture
Trademark Development
Brand Identity
Brand Voice Development
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Our Recognition

2014 Best Brand Awards

Gold: Best in Oceania

Green Pool
Stockwell Bretton

2011 AMI Qld Awards

Finalist New Brand
Lady Bird

2008 Design Insitute of Australia Awards

Finalist Branding and Design
Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts